If you’re an avid off-roading, you know the average vehicle doesn’t come equipped with the St. George off-road parts required for an off-road adventure. Beyond the need for mere 4 wheel parts, Utah has plenty of residents looking for ways to improve their stock vehicles for this kind of hobby. 

Red Desert Off Road carries the equipment you need from a number of trusted manufacturers, and we install them as well. 

Suspension & Lift Kits

Stock vehicles should come right out of the factory ready to handle all of the demands of the daily commute, as well as your average well-traveled dirt road. But that’s not enough for someone eager to get out there and explore. 

The right suspension and lift kits will give your vehicle the ability to clear large rocks, bumps, and other obstacles you’ll find while off-roading. When it comes to 4 wheel parts, Utah residents need the best suspension and lift on the market. You’ll find them at our off-road parts store.

Gear & Axle

We proudly sell and install equipment from Yukon Gear & Axle. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing, you’ll find it here. 

Yukon offers over 1400 select part numbers for:

  • Rock Crawlers
  • High Performance
  • Diesel Trucks
  • Circle Track
  • Street Racing

Wheels & Tires

In Utah, 4 wheel parts like off-road wheels and tires are in high demand. We offer a number of reliable wheels and tires for 4 wheelers, trucks, UTVs and more.

  • All Season Tires: These are designed with long-lasting tread to conquer wet or dry roads for long periods of time. While not ideal for off-roading, they’re a great option if you’re looking for reliable tires to get you through your daily commutes.
  • All Terrain Tires: We offer a wide range of all terrain tires. These are made with large grooves that make them great for both city driving and moderate off-roading. They offer endurance and durability.
  • Extreme Mud Terrain/Rock Crawling Tires: As the name makes obvious, these were designed specifically for some of the most extreme off-road conditions. They are made with aggressive tread extending to the tire sidewalls for maximum traction and grip. They’re the ideal tire for off-roading, but don’t expect too much from them on paved roads.

For wheels, we offer two long-lasting and reliable options:

  • Solid Steel Wheels: These are heavier than alloy wheels yet are more consistent in their composition and durability. The result is a wheel that’s more uniform, less wobbly, and gives you a steady ride even if the road is rife with bumps, twists, and turns.
  • Cast Alloy Wheels: These wheels are more porous and malleable, helping cool down hot brakes with plenty of airflow. They’re also easy to maintain and clean, and are resistant to rust.

Off-Road Lighting

Some St. George off-road parts you can’t do without are off-road lighting systems. You don’t want to get lost while out on your next adventure – especially during the winter. 

We sell and install:

  • Driving Lights
  • LED Light Bars
  • Light Mounts
Silver Truck With Bed Cover - off-road parts store st. george

How To Choose the Right St. George Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

When it comes to your truck or car, you want to make sure that you are taking the best possible care of it. Not only is your vehicle a great investment for your day to day life, it is also an expensive one. One way to ensure the safety of your vehicle in St. George is to invest in a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers come in different sizes, materials, and even colours. This can help a lot when it comes to trying to find the right Utah tonneau cover for your truck. The downside is that it can also make things more complicated if you are not sure what it is exactly that you are going to try to look for. Some things that can help you narrow the list down are:

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Grey Truck Parked Outside Red Desert Off-Road Shop - off-road truck accessories st. george

How To: Get Your Truck Ready for Off-Roading

Off-Road Accessories In St. GeorgeWhether you’ve owned your truck for a decade or have just become the proud new owner of a truck, if it’s your first time off-roading with your rig there are some things you need to do or rather check off your list, before you hit the trails less traveled. You may be wondering, if you really need to modify your truck to make it off-road ready and the simple answer is maybe. Depending on what type of truck you’re starting out with and what type of outdoor adventure suits your fancy, will determine the additional upgrades and St. George off-road truck parts you need. For example, if you just plan on taking a meandering journey through a relatively flat trail with minimal inclines, a.k.a easy, a good set of tires is probably the only off-road accessory you’ll need to add. However, if you plan on taking your ride up treacherous terrain and heart-dropping heights to seek stellar views and really see what your off-road vehicle and you are made of, you’ll want to add a few additional mods to your truck. This article offers information on the basic modifications you can add to your truck using St. George off-road truck accessories that won’t empty your pocket, as well as upgrades that can turn your straightforward pick up into a showstopping, trail-blazing machine.

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Off-Road Vehicle Driving In Mountains - off-road parts store st. george

Essential Off-Road Accessories for Jeeps

So you’ve done it. You went out and finally bought your very first Jeep. Congratulations!

Now that the hard part’s over, you may want to start (or have been) thinking about various off-road parts that you can outfit your Jeep with in order to make it a “machine” out on the open trails. Whether it’s the latest model right off the lot or a used model, we’ll help you discover what off-road accessories in St. George will help you to get the most out of your Jeep. Let’s take a look!

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Winter Trail - off-road truck accessories st. george

Winter Off-Roading 101

Off-roading in the winter is an entertaining and much needed distraction, especially if you suffer from “cabin-fever”. As a St. George off-road accessory store, we want to give our loyal customers what they want this winter. Below you’ll find all you need for off-roading this winter, from winter off-road accessories, tips and techniques, and even the best destinations to traverse this winter (like the 2019 Winter 4×4 Jamboree that you don’t want to miss).

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Silver Truck With Bed Cover - off-road parts store st. george

Tonneau Covers & Why You Need One

Tonneau Covers In St. GeorgeDon’t let the name confuse you, if you’ve ever ridden in a car or truck chances are you’ve seen a Tonneau cover on the bed of truck.

Tonneau covers are a simple aftermarket accessory for your truck that offers many benefits. Designed to protect your cargo from the elements, Tonneau covers can also increase your off-road or daily drivers aerodynamics. An added bonus to purchasing a quality tonneau cover to protect your cargo is that it adds a sleek design element to the bed of your truck. Find out why and what kind of tonneau cover you need for your truck below.

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Yellow Off-Road Vehicle In Desert - off-road accessories store st. george

Off-Road Jeep Accessories You Need

Jeeps have become increasingly popular in recent years with the growing interest in outdoor activity participation. This is especially true in regions like the North West United States, in Alaska, or even regions of Canada. When you are out in the wilderness or a cold tundra or climbing in mountainous areas you and your jeep need to be ready for any obstacles you may find yourselves facing.

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Off-Road Vehicles In Desert - off-road truck accessories st. george

Underrated St. George Off-Road Accessories

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to talk about a few of the most underrated St. George off-road accessories. This unconventional off-road accessory list first appeared in Popular Mechanics “10 most Underrated Off-Road Accessories” back in the summer of 2017. While lift kits, tires, wheels, and winches are the foundation of what we carry at our off-road accessory store in St. George, the following off-road accessories are noteworthy additions to have with you for whatever you may find out on the trail.

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Off-Road Vehicle Driving At Night - off-road parts store st. george

Illuminate The Trail With Premium Off Road Lighting

At Red Desert, we know that no two off-road vehicles are created equal, this is why we provide premium options for off road lighting, for every trailblazing vehicle. From Trucks and Jeeps to motorcycles and ATVs, illuminate the trail with these state of the art lights designed by leading industry juggernauts. Not sure what lighting system will look best on your rig? Check out our Interactive Garage, enables you to see how any of these lights would look mounted on your Southern Utah off-road vehicle.

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