As one of the industry’s main players in the automotive aftermarket retail franchise business, LINE-X is continually creating more innovative protective coatings for the automotive world and beyond. By constantly pushing the envelope to create better protection for any part of your vehicle, LINE-X was able to produce the thin build, spray-on coating that looks great and protects virtually any part of your car, truck, Jeep or SUV that is LINE-X ULTRA. LINE-X ULTRA is an ideal custom coating for rocker panels, fender flares, Jeeps, complete exteriors (LINE-X Body Armour) and other automotive uses.

LINE-X ULTRA - St. George LINE-X Ultra

Since LINE-X ULTRA is able to be sprayed thinner than standard elastomer coatings, it can be used in areas where weight or tight clearances may be a fact. This unique and armor-like protective coating offers a multitude of benefits for your off-road ride or daily driver, which include:

  • Smooth, slightly textured finish
  • Resistant to fading and UV damage
  • Strong and tougher than automotive paint
  • Dent and scratch resistant
  • Endless, unmatched color options
  • Adds minimal weight
  • Repairable

Along with these benefits, this durable coating provides unparalleled protection that is unique to LINE-X.  LINE-X ULTRA is perfect for LINE-X BODY ARMOUR applications and leaves a smooth, yet slightly textured finish for when you need your protection to have some grip to it.

LINE-X Ultra - St. George LINE-X ULTRA

With LINE-X ultra you can furnish your off-road Jeeps, Trucks, SUVs, and ATVs with beautiful protection that can be used to spray door jams, accent stripes, tailgates, etc.  Contact Red Desert Off-Road, Southern Utah’s LINE-X dealer to customize your vehicle with the unrivaled protection of LINE-X ULTRA in St. George.