Utah Off-Road Trails


A moderately trafficked out and back again trail, Chicken Corners 4×4 is located near Moab, Utah and considered to be an easy to moderate off-road trail, with the exception of few rocky spots. You’ll want high ground clearance to avoid bottom scratches on this trail. This trail is best used between March and October. For movie buffs, who have seen Thelma and Louise, you’ll be able to look across the river from Chicken Corners to see the dramatic Thelma and Louise Point. Even if you haven’t seen the movie this trail offers dramatic scenery and beautiful vistas on the west side of Hurrah Pass to the Colorado River.

March 7, 2024 12:08 am


According to AllTrails, this 8.5 mile trail near Saratoga Springs features beautiful wild flowers and is rates as a difficult trail. Veteran trail blazers recommend vehicles with 4L due to the steep hills that would possible wreak havoc on your brakes without it. This trail is accessible year-round and offers a multitude of activity options. Be aware: dogs and horses also use this trail.

March 7, 2024 12:07 am


Explore the striking views and enjoy brilliantly hued landscapes as you travel down the designated, yet rugged routes of these Utah.com recommended drives.

Cathedral Valley

This 58-mile loop through is the perfect way to take in the stunningly stark beauty of Cathedral Valley – as long as you have enough ground clearance that is. Enjoy landmarks like glass mountain and the Temples of the Sun & Moon on this breathtaking adventure. The conditions of this trail are greatly determined by weather conditions, so be sure to check out the visitor center before you explore this trail.

Boulder Mountain

Located just south of SR-22, the 25-mile route just North of Boulder Mountain offers rugged trails that were made for 4-wheel drive vehicles. This excellent trail takes you right into the Cathedral Valley loop inside the Capitol Reef National Park.

Burr Trail

Considered to be one of the most popular off-road trails in southern Utah, Burr Trail goes on for almost 68 miles through Grand Staircase, the Waterpocket fold of Capitol Reef National Park, as well as other exquisite scenery above Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell.

Notom-Bullfrog Road

Do you love to off-road adventures as much as you love hiking? Notom-Bullfrog Road intersects Utah Highway 24 9.3 miles east of Capitol Reef Visitor Center and continues south towards Bullfrog Marina. Perfect for off-roading and hiking adventures, this beautiful scenic route offers access to many of the park’s backcountry trails. Just like the other trails in Capitol Reef, check with the Visitor Center before heading out to ensure weather conditions are favorable.

March 7, 2024 12:06 am