Suspension & LIfts

Rock Krawler Off-Road Vehicle In Snow - off-road truck accessories st. georgeFrom the factory your Jeep or truck came adequately equipped to conquer your daily commute and to handle the occasional well-traveled off road trail. For some this will do, but not you. To be able to experience the thrill of trails less traveled and conquer obstacles that would leave a stock vehicle whimpering behind the sage brush, you will need to properly equip your machine. This starts with your suspension and the all-important ground clearance.

A suspension lift is the foundational step of any build. It’s one of those modifications that you need especially if you want your SUVs off-road performance improved. Suspension lifts provide added clearance from the ground and increase the overall height of your off-road vehicle. A lift will enable you to run larger tires and provide essential ground clearance. A simple lift or “leveling kit” typically adds a spacer to the stock suspension to increase the ride height providing clearance for larger tires. With suspension lifts, you can climb steeper approaches, higher ground clearance, and almost impossible breakover angles.

Why Get a Suspension Lift?

Getting a suspension lift is not just a trend on the off-road  world. These lift provide many advantages.

Ace through tougher terrain

With suspension lift, your off-road vehicle can easily glide through tougher terrain. Because of the added height, your SUV can climb steeper hills or drive through waters.

Better visibility

When your vehicle has higher clearance from the ground, it will be easier for you to see the road. You can almost see anything and avoid potential dangers while on the road.

Smoother ride

With bigger tires and higher clearance, suspension lift can give you a smoother ride. You can easily dodge bumps and humps.

Beyond the “leveling kit” lies the world of complete suspension lifts. This is the answer for allowing even larger tires, more ground clearance, stronger upgraded components, and a ride that won’t send you reeling to the chiropractor. These kits come mild to wild and we at Red Desert Off Road have chosen what we believe are the best kits available in terms of performance, quality, and price. Let our expert installers turn your rig into the one you have always dreamed of!

In the words of Doc Brown;

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads!”

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