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LINE-X Spray-In Bed Liners

Spray-in bed liners in Utah, also commonly called spray-on bed liners are a must if you plan on protecting your truck bed. While there are many popular bed liners available today, not many can hold up against the durable, everlasting capabilities of a LINE-X bed liner. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out this video from the guys at How Ridiculous, who spray everything from an egg to a watermelon with LINE-X’s spray-on formula and then drop it from a 150 ft. tower, in an effort to prove our truly indestructible LINE-X’s patented spray-on formula is. You can find the full article about the indestructible nature of LINE-X from Popular Mechanics, here.

The unsurpassed protection of LINE-X bed liners is just one of the reasons that Red Desert Off-Road is proud to be your southern Utah LINE-X dealer, where we professionally install all bed liners for our customers. If you’d like to get your off-road rig sprayed down with the most indestructible spray in bed liner in Utah, contact us today.

Below you’ll find more information about LINE-X spray on bed liners, what types of bed liners LINE-X offers, plus all the additional benefits they provide for your ride.

LINE-X Spray-On Bed Liners

Truck With Grey Bedliner - st. george spray on bed linerAt Red Desert, we ensure that each LINE-X spray-on bed liner is professionally installed to provide the highest quality bed liner in Utah available. The process of spraying your bed liner only takes about 3-4 hours and your truck will be ready within 24 hours for whatever you or mother nature decide to throw at it. LINE-X offers different types of spray-in bed liners depending on your style, needs, and budget, which include:

  • LINE-X STANDARD – For 20 years, the LINE-X STANDARD, has been the “gold standard” of protecting millions of trucks worldwide. If you’re looking for serious protection, that works as hard as you do, the proven formula of the LINE-X STANDARD is what you need.
  • LINE-X PREMIUM – The amped-up version of the LINE-X STANDARD, this bed liner will keep your bed liner looking like new forever. LINE-X PREMIUM offers added UV protection that keeps your bed liner from fading and looking worn out.
  • LINE-X PLATINUM – Boasting a toughness of over 300% then it’s predecessor the STANDARD, LINE-X PLATINUM is the pride and joy of LINE-X. Improving the Utah spray in bed liner at a molecular level, LINE-X PLATINUM uses a pure polyurea technology that combines strength and flexibility to create the toughest bed liner on the market.

In addition to the types of bed liners offered by LINE-X, we also provide custom LINE-X spray colors to match your truck known as LINE-X XTRA. By starting with a sample of your truck color or the color of your choice, our technicians will then pigment any of the bed liners (STANDARD, PREMIUM, PLATINUM) to create a personalized look to your truck so you can ride in style and with the added benefit of LINE-X’s world-renowned protection. LINE-X spray colors also provide UV protection, superior gloss retention, and added protection from punctures, scratches, and gouges.

Whether you choose to get a “basic” LINE-X STANDARD bed liner or a fully tricked out PLATINUM with customized LINE-X spray colors, you can expect protection that will last a lifetime. And with LINE-X’s lifetime warranty on all of their bed liners, you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

Bed Liner Benefits

Along with the unmatched protection, sound dampening, awe-inspiring capabilities of LINE-X bed liners, they also provide a multitude of benefits, many people may not consider. These include:

Maintains & Increases The Value of Your Truck

If you plan on using your truck for any type of cargo hauling, even if it’s just groceries, a bed liner can help to retain the quality of your truck bed. Any type of damage can reduce the value of your truck, so if you plan on selling your truck one day, you’ll want to make sure you do what you can to keep its value intact. Similarly, by opting for a LINE-X bed liner, you will actually be increasing the value of your truck. No factory bed liner is as strong, durable, or as good looking as a LINE-X bed liner.

Customized Fit Means No Corrosion, Rust or Leaking

In comparison to drop in bed liners, if you want a a bed liner that is going to fit your truck bed “like a glove”, you’ll want a spray in bed liner. Not only does this look better overall, but a customized fit removes any chance of water getting between your liner and the bed of the truck which results in rust and corrosion. Plus, you’ll lose no space in your truck bed with a Utah LINE-X spray on bed liner.

No Slip

A Utah spray in bed liner is the optimal way to prevent slippage, especially with larger items that tend to move around from point A to point B. In this way, bed liners can help to prevent damage occurring to your cargo and your truck.

Little Maintenance Required

Bed liners can help to reduce the need for extra repair that is caused by hauling around cargo from day to day use. After the bed liner has been sprayed on to your truck, you won’t have to worry about minor dings and dents that can become annoying and also reduce the value of your truck. Additionally, because of the no-slip quality that the bed liner provides, you don’t have to worry about your items being damaged in the process. Plus, LINE-X spray in bed liners are easy to clean! Just hose them down with soap and water when it starts to get a little dirty.

Easy To Repair

Unlike drop-in bed liners that need to be replaced when serious damage occurs, Utah LINE-X spray bed liners can be repaired via the LINE-X ReNew enhancement system when the bed liner becomes old, faded or gouged. Even UV damage can cause your bed liner to fade over time. The ReNew System returns the luster and shine back to your bed liners as if you just got it sprayed on.  ReNew even offers additional protection to reduce UV light damage in the future.

If you’re ready to upgrade your ride and get your truck fitted with LINE-X Spray in bed liner contact Red Desert Off-Road today.

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