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7 Off Roading Mistakes To Avoid

1 – Not Preparing For An Emergency

St. George Off-Road AccessoriesOne of the main thrills of off-roading is that you’re in a place you really shouldn’t be – not legally speaking, of course, but naturally. Without an off-road vehicle that you can rely on, you’d risk prolonged exposure to the elements and likely succumb to your fate in about a week. That’s what makes it fun. But it’s not fun when an emergency happens and you aren’t prepared to handle it. Before taking off on one of our amazing St. George off-road trails, make sure you have emergency supplies and equipment on hand.
  • A first aid kit
  • Plenty of extra food and water
  • A change of shoes
  • Warm clothing (clothing that would keep you warm if you had to spend the night)
  • Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Maps
  • Tools
  • Tow chain
  • Long-range walkie talkies
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Off-Roading Vocabulary, Essentials, & Things-To-Know – A Guide For The Uninitiated

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Winter Off-Roading In Utah

When it comes to St. George winter off-roading, you need to be prepared. In this post, we’ll be providing essential tips for your next snowy adventure.

Equipment You Need

Tow Hooks, a Snatch Strap, & a Winch

You guessed it, while winter off-roading in St. George, off-road parts should include the basics you’ll need to get yourself or someone else up and driving again if they end up stuck in the snow. It’s also a good idea to bring a snow shovel to help dig out tires, frames, and axles if the vehicle is in deep enough.

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Off-Roading This Summer? Here’s What You Need To Know

Summer is officially upon us and it’s finally time to dust off our off-road vehicles and hit the trails! Whether this is your first time taking your ride out or your 87th, the following tips for off-roading this summer can help you have the most fun while remaining safe and taking care of your off-road truck, SUV or Jeep. In this article, you’ll find tips for how to handle the different types of terrain you may come up against this summer, such as sand and mud along with St.George off-road parts that you will need before you head out on all of your summer off-roading adventures.

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Winter Off-Roading 101

Off-roading in the winter is an entertaining and much needed distraction, especially if you suffer from “cabin-fever”. As a St. George off-road accessory store, we want to give our loyal customers what they want this winter. Below you’ll find all you need for off-roading this winter, from winter off-road accessories, tips and techniques, and even the best destinations to traverse this winter (like the 2019 Winter 4×4 Jamboree that you don’t want to miss).

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