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Off-Road Trails in Utah You Need to Try This Year

Warmer temperatures bring swarms of people to the majestic off-road trails in Utah and if you want to beat the crowds, it’s best to hit the trails now! We’ve compiled a list of beloved St. George and Moab, Utah off-road trails, alongside what upgrades are necessary for certain trails in order to get your off-road vehicle in trail riding condition before the weekend. And even if you’re not able to make out on the trails until summer rolls around, at least you’ll be prepared.

Off-Road Trails Near St. George, Utah

Easy: Hurricane Canal

The construction of Hurricane Canal is considered to be one of the proudest moments in Utah’s pioneer history. Hurricane Canal is an easy trail that can be enjoyed by novice off-roaders and seasoned veterans, alike. The canal that had once been deemed as an impossible endeavor was built completely by hand. Work began in 1983 and the canal was completed in 1904.

Start your journey at La Verkin, Utah. On this trail you can visit the Eagle Crags for a semi-private, stunning view of the famous Zion National Park. Off-road vehicle access begins south of the south entrance to Zion National Park at Rockville. On the Byway between Rockville and Apple Valley, go towards the Smithsonian Mesa from the Eagle Crags.

Moderate: Milts Mile

off road parts utahEven though this trail is rated moderate (around a 6 for overall difficulty) there are some obstacles that rate more around an 8, if you decide to tackle them. Milt’s mile is an off-road trail near. St. George, Utah located in the Sand Hollow state park. If you choose to keep this trail more on the moderate side, there are alternate routes better known as Milt’s Lite. A stock Jeep or truck could make Milt’s Light, but for off-roaders wanting to take this off-road St. George trail head on you’ll want to add a few upgrades, such as heavy-duty tires (air-down), a winch, and a lift kit to begin with. All of which can be found at Red Desert Off-Road.

This trail should  make the “off-road bucket list” of all trail blazers, as the trip is as fun as it is beautiful. Take in the Pine Valley Mountains, located off to the west and just north you’ll see the Sand Hollow Reservoir and Zion National Park. All the while climbing steps, difficult notches (this is where a winch comes in handy) and according to Las Vegas Jeep Trails, some sharp turn-off camber stuff to get the blood pumping.

Difficult : The Maze

If you’re looking for an extremely technical off-road trail near St. George, Utah than look no further than The Maze. Even though this trail is only 1.5 miles in length, plan on spending your whole day traversing this rough terrain. At the beginning of this trail you’ll be faced with an obstacle known as “The Drop”.  Trail-blazers decribe this trail as hardcore as the obstacles you’ll face are non-stop and extremely difficult-no stock Jeep or truck could safely take this trail on. In addition to the extreme obstacles you’ll face, The Maze is known for its intense off-camber, and steep descents and ascents. But just like anything, the more work you put in the more pay-off you’ll get, the same can be said for the spectacular views over the Warner Valley. For Jeep drivers, this article states that A bare minimum for this trail would be 35s, lockers in front and back, and a winch. Additionally, shorter wheelbase Jeeps like TJs and YJs may have some difficulty with the steps on some of the obstacles and may need to be winched up.

An off-roaders warning: Expect some damage.

Off-Road Trails Near Moab, Utah

Easy: Long Canyon 4×4 Road

First timers with a stock off-road vehicle can enjoy this 14.7 mile Moab off-road trail-no experience required. Long Canyon 4×4 Road offers spectacular views from beginning to end as you take this easy gravel road. The only exception to this almost meandering drive is the section through Pucker Pass which is steep and narrow. This gorgeous canyon drive is a good shortcut from Dead Horse Point State Park or Canyonlands National Park upon your return to Moab. Long Canyon 4×4 is open year round (weather permitting) and offers a variety of different activity options. And don’t worry, you can bring Fido along for the ride too as dogs are able to use this trail.

Many off-roaders enjoy this trail for outstanding night-time views, so be sure that your off-road vehicle has lights that can handle nature’s darkness, without the assistance of street lamps or city lights. You can find off-road lighting for your truck or jeep at by visiting Red Desert Off-Road St. George accessory store or contact us if you have any questions.

Moderate: Chicken Corners

A moderate Moab off-road trail that will take you about 3.5 hours to travel making it great for just a day rip or if you want to camp out under the stars and take in the beautiful wild flowers and red rock scenery this trail offers camping in the designated sites at Kane Creek Canyon. This particular area is also very popular for dirt bikes, ATVS, and UTVs. Chicken Corners is 41.6 mile trail that is moderately trafficked according to All Trails and is best driven during late spring and early fall, as the summer months make this trail almost too hot to handle.

This particular Moab off-road trail goes along the south side of the Colorado River and begins just a few miles from downtown Moab.  Off-roading isn’t all you can do on this trail there, make sure to spend some time exploring the caves at Catacomb Rock. Stock vehicle can make this trip, but make sure you have a high clearance vehicle.

Difficult: Poison Spider Mesa

Access the incredible views of Behind The Rocks, Moab Valley and La Sal Mountains via the Poison Spider Mesa off-road trail is by way of the Scenic Byway 279 or “Potash Road”. You’ll spend most of you time on this 36 mile round trip on a loop that reaches towards the rim of the cliff that is part of the Moab landscape that can be seen just northwest of the town.

This trail offers incredible views of the surrounding areas such as Behind The Rocks, the Colorado River, the Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. 36 Miles round trip from Moab.

Poison Spider Mesa is a popular trails as if offers trails that are challenging for even veteran off-roaders with minimal damage to their rides. While a stock vehicle could take this trail on (as long as they take the alternate routes from the obstacles), rocker protection and upgraded tires are a must. Remember to air down your tires when your ride!If you need new tires before you head out, off-road lighting that will cut through the pitch darkness, a lift kit or anything else, contact Red Desert Off-Road today.

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Off-Road Trails in Utah You Need to Try This Year